Neroli oil…🌱

This oil can be especially beneficial for women. It can be used for menopausal symptoms, high blood pressure and pulse rate, beneficial during labour, relieves symptoms of PMS, skin inflammation, stress and anxiety.

Want to know a cool fact? It was named after Anna Marie Orsini, the 17th century princess of Nerola, Italy. She used it in her bath as a perfume and to scent her gloves.

Neroli oil is typically used in aromatherapy, and can be applied directly to the skin. You can use it by itself, or it can be combined with other essential oils in a diffuser or spritzer. You can also pour a small amount of oil into your bath.🛁

If you wish to enjoy Neroli oil throughout the night, try soaking a cotton ball and placing it under your pillow for lasted scent.

Aromatherapy when mixed with massage can have a more positive effect on mood than aromatherapy alone. To try out this technique, mix neroli oil with a carrier oil and use it topically as a skin treatment, or during massage.