Companies I endorse

You are the most incredible people I am blessed to have as clients and friends. I am also very blessed through my work to meet the most incredible people doing incredible things! I have met some very impressive entrepreneurs that I have aligned to collaborate with. If you have been with me for a while you know I only recommend, refer or collaborate with incredible people and I do that very selectively. I wanted to introduce them to you!

The products and services they have are amazing and if you see how they can enhance you, your lives, your business or your family then I wanted to make share that I share them with you. If you are interested in appearing on this page, please see my application here.

You’re the best !
Your friend, Deb

Natsukashii Ink

Discover Ocean Baker’s newest streetwear brand!

Startemup Marketing Solutions

Your one-stop shop for all things digital marketing!

Nancy Giere

Your learning architect and course creation expert

Lori Osborne | BizBolster Web Solutions

Website and SEO Guru

Annie Gibbins | Women’s Biz Global

Media Exposure Specialist

David Medansky | I’m Thinning

Diet Contrarian

Shiraz Baboo | Energetic Magic

Reality Interventionist

Elise Smith | Divinely Driven Results

Christian Business Strategist

Liz Proffitt | Empowered by Proffitts

Money Breakthrough Business Coach for Women

Colleen Biggs

Peak Performance Coach

Lis Hoyte

Certified Speaker, Author & Life Coach

Carmel Ecker

Single Parent Empowerment Coach

Brenda Pearce, RN

PEMF Therapy

Jen Zurbrigg

Empowering you with sustainable gardening

Janice Porter & Associates

Relationship Marketing Specialist

RF Success Academy

Sandy Rutherford, Success Mindset Coach

Rock Busters

Dennis Wager, Director of a rock-breaking and demolition company

AC Beauty

Alla Cristina | Hair, Make-up, Nails

Rowena List

Professional Organizer, Speaker and Coach