Natsukashii is not just a brand; it’s a journey through time, culture, and individuality. Founded by Ocean, a self-taught artist and fashion designer, Natsukashii is the embodiment of his unique blend of local inspiration and global aspiration. From humble beginnings, crafting his own Nike-inspired sneakers at the age of 16, Ocean has emerged as a visionary artist and creator of high-quality, ethically sourced streetwear and artwork.

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Our Objectives:

  • Deliver high-quality, ethically sourced products that reflect our commitment to both artistry and sustainability.
  • Celebrate local inspiration while making a global impact, creating unique, limited-edition pieces that resonate with our audience.
  • Continue our legacy of self-taught artistry and designer guidance to inspire the next generation of creatives.
  • Foster a community of like-minded individuals who value authenticity and self-expression.

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