“When I first met Deb my life was pretty unsettled, both personally and financially. With Deb’s incredible support and guidance, I was able to understand where my biggest life challenges were and develop a game plan to reach specific goals. As a result, I am now managing my finances more effectively, feel in control of my home environment and have achieved incredible success at work. Working with Deb has definitely been a worthwhile investment and I’m so thankful that I found her.”

– Jackie

“I worked for Deb at her massage studio for a number of years and we have remained friends ever since. She is one of those people who has a lot of energy and gets things done. I remember even if she had 5 minutes between massages/meetings she would do something like rearranging the spa, ordering product, taking time to speak to a client….

Deb is a self-starter, bright, focused, and innovative, walks her talk, is spiritually inclined and only gets involved if she believes in something and still has time to be a caring, loving person.”

– Samaya

“From the moment you meet Deborah, you know something special is going on.  She is warm, approachable and quietly professional. Her grace and her heart are front and center and she immediately lets you know she is willing to fully engage with you.  She has a win-win philosophy which servers her well in all her endeavors including network marketing. She lives in the thought that each person you meet is valuable, has potential to be a client or might lead you to one, yet she does so by enlisting curiosity instead of using a traditional sales model.

She graciously spoke to my team asking for nothing in return. I prepared questions I might have thought I knew the answers to, as I was interested in how she handled the same things we all come across.  Nothing could have surprised me more than to hear her answers. Her insight is deep and her application is simple and concise. Her awareness of human nature and selling was spot-on, and she conveyed a relaxed selling style that I am sure I will now work to apply to my approach in my business.  She invites people to listen and tells them a story of results. She enlists support from people; not obligation. She expects to feel uncomfortable at times as it is part of direct sales and is realistic about conversions. She knows it’s about talking to people and she steps easily into that reality, knowing there is always another person to talk to.  Her level of confidence in herself, our products and this business model is bar none and it shows in everything she says and does.”

Linda C

I was introduced to Deborah by way of a product in which we had a common interest. I was pleasantly impressed with her professionalism and resourcefulness in addressing our project. Deborah quickly determined the correct people to bring to the table from her very impressive network of professional contacts. She is a very skilled speaker with a dynamic presence. She is a little dynamo.”

– Tony Chan, Entrepreneur/Investor

“I have known Deb for a good many years now and one thing that I know about Deb is that everything that she does comes from the heart. Deb is a beautiful woman and soul who shares her wealth of knowledge about health, wellness, brain health, and business acumen very generously. Not only is Deb a warm hearted person, she is also a very successful business woman who has been a pioneer and shining light for other women and men in business to follow in her footsteps while she blazes the trail for everyone else. She owned a very successful spa/massage studio for over 20 years and has given over 30,000 treatments. Deb’s knowledge of the body, its systems, and how to free up blocked energy is very broad, deep, and thorough. Deb’s knowledge is based firmly in science and she compliments that nicely by incorporating a spiritual side to her personable way of interacting with and treating her clients. So too, when sharing, teaching, or lecturing her broad spectrum of collected knowledge and wisdom. I have also benefited from seeing Deb for guidance as she is a gifted person and conduit for doing readings. Deb is passionate about what she does and it shows in everything that she puts herself into. She has garnered numerous awards for her skills, talents and efforts. Deb was featured in the 2016-2017 Distinctive Women Magazine as one of the top women of business and influence in Canada. She has also been featured 48 consecutive times in top categories for business in Success From Home Magazine. I personally have the great fortune of being involved with Deb in a business venture that we share with other business partners. In that, Deb has successfully built and mentored her team to be the #1 team internationally in the company that we are affiliated with. As a speaker Deb has talked to, educated, and shared with 1,000’s of people her wealth of knowledge in health, wellness, and business. She has spoken, taught, and lectured: in hospitals, banks, at conferences, in festivals, and in small intimate groups in her own home too. Deb is a truly gifted and engaging speaker who masterfully tells a story, conveys complex ideas simply, and does it all with a dash of humor. I have had the great pleasure to know Deb on many different levels- as a friend, receiving her services at her spa/studio, as my mentor, as a business partner, and fellow parent. Deb is one of those rare people who shine brightly and who also share their light generously too: in many ways, on many levels, and with many other people. Deborah Drummond is true gift to all the lives that she touches.”

David C., Sales