All About Deb

All About Deb

Deborah Drummond is an entrepreneur.  She is a pioneer in the world of natural health and has created two companies in the field since her early 20’s.  She is practical yet creative, and thinks out of the box to accomplish the goals needed for her clients and their achievements.

Deb is very clear on her purpose. You see it in all that she does, whether coaching, speaking, training, writing, or listening.  She’s on point and will move you deeper and stronger into a position of being optimal in all ways.

The only thing she loves more than rocking the stage and changing lives are her two favorite people in the world: her daughter Chloae and her son Ocean.  Nothing motivates her more than her beautiful and amazing children.

Deborah is an acclaimed award-winning woman hitting number one in multiple categories in the company she’s involved with.  She has achieved levels of numbers and achievements that have never been done before.  She has had esteemed success opening local and international markets.

She has inspired, educated, and motivated audiences of 10,000 plus to stand on their feet.  As a well-known radio host, she has shared her knowledge on many aspects of life.  In her private practice, she has worked on over 30,000 clients moving them to physical states of optimal health.

She has been honored with numerous awards and nominations for her role as a woman in business as well as a pioneer in the world of health and business.

She has been on CTV news, CKNW radio, and has also been a guest speaker of multiple events including the Royal Bank of Canada, BC Children’s Hospital, and medical associations. Deborah has also hosted events such as Every Women in the world event for 10 years running.

She is mostly known for her inclusive heart, her willingness to help others, and her open-door philosophy.

Deborah is known for her no-nonsense approach, which along with her big heart moves mountains. She’s been called more than once a professional ‘Hippy’.

As a woman of her word, if she endorses it, you know it’s good!