Ultrapreneur Planner & Success Tracker


(The Planner is separated into 2 books for easy packing and is lightweight for taking with you wherever you go.) PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ORDER BOTH 6 MONTH PLANNERS FOR THE COMPLETE SET FOR THE YEAR. This planner is for people that are serious about wanting to get organized, they understand what it’s costing them to not be. They understand that by not having a system that takes care of business, personal, and mindset, they leave themselves open to keep doing the same thing year after year without GRAND STRIDES.

This planner is for people that want to be in a successful rhythm. This isn’t just an ordinary planner you can buy at a local store. This planner has had multiple years of research, years of testing and tried systems, hours of planning, market research, and actuals. For the cost of less than one coaching session, or a dinner for 2, or buying those “oh my gosh” have-to-have pillows at your local shop, you can have peace of mind that you are going in the right direction in your business and your life. It is the best personal assistant that will be there for you every day and every night to remind you what you’ve got going on, and to keep you organized and on track for success.

This planner has all the fundamentals and all the bells and whistles!
For the first time, many of you will be working rhythmically towards success by strategically reverse engineering your wanted achievements and you will literally see your shifts happen before your very own eyes. You will feel different. You’ll feel in control of your destiny. You’ll be able to see how you had success so you can repeat it. You’ll be able to see what wasn’t working and stop it in time before it extends that loss further into your year.

In this planner, you have a place for your 5-year vision and, you’ll be about to break it down into a yearly, quarterly, bi-yearly, monthly, weekly goal-setting formula that, once in rhythm, is smooth and easy and produces joy in your life.

In the areas of your life and in your business, you’ll be able to track the things you want and need for your business, finances, relationships, health, family, and personal activities. This planner includes tracking not only for yourself but if you have sales goals, a sales team, or personal prospects. It will help track all of that and guide you on what and who to focus on first. It’s incredible! It also includes tracking for self-care, social media, podcasts, reading, and other forms of marketing as well. It includes over 64 QR-coded quotes for sharing and personal inspiration.
This planner includes spaces for you to put all your top priorities for personal and business every day and every week to keep the things you want the most at the top of mind. There is plenty of creative space for you to write down all the things that pop into your head.

It also has a personal QR-coded video training by Deb herself sharing with you how to use the planner for its highest level of success!

Can you see how VALUABLE it is to have the Top Performance Success Planner for your life this year? Planners and Systems like this cost upwards of $300 – $500. We have priced the value of this planner so that everyone can have the highest level of success with the most ease!! That is our wish for you!

From the team at Mission Accepted Media, we thank you and we want you to know we are always cheering you on from the sidelines!! Join our Facebook group Mission Accepted Media and watch for all the treats we will be gifting to our Planner and Tracker community within this year!!

In good health and new friendships,
Deb Drummond

P.S. Remember to order both 6-month versions of your Planner so you have your year covered. The Planner is separated into 2 books for easy packing and is lightweight for taking with you wherever you go.



Email deb@debdrummond.com to pre-order a Planner and/or Tracker – just let us know which you would like!