Health Lectures

Health Lectures


Meditations are offered in group settings or as private sessions or recordings, or via Zoom or website.  We can offer group sessions or Deborah can be hired to do a personal session for your group. Group sizes can range from small to auditorium-sized rooms. Private sessions are extremely powerful and personalized. Contact Deb for more information.

Natural Anti-Aging

How to look 35 when 55!

Let’s talk about looking fabulous!  There are easy secrets to age reversal (for your face, skin, and even inside your body) that have proven themselves to produce gorgeous skin, a healthy glow, loss of wrinkles, and tighter skin.

Cleansing, Detoxing & Losing Weight Naturally

This workshop is specifically geared around losing weight naturally and reducing cellulite as well as increasing energy and achieving an overall sense of better health when it comes to losing weight.

Brain Health

Brain health is sexy!

Ten top tips that everyone should know. This information is for anyone from age 15 to 90. The sooner you learn this information the better, and it’s never too late to reverse the optimal state of the brain. You CAN have a phenomenal brain that doesn’t feel foggy, has exceptional memory, and incredible stamina to deal with any stressful situation. I love teaching this lecture. This info is life changing!

The Gut-Brain Connection

Every time you look around, people are talking about the connection between the brain and the gut. Come learn, in a simple way, how to implement it, why you need to pay attention to both these areas of your body for long-term optimal health, and what’s needed so you can have a happy gut and a high performance-based brain.

How to Raise Conscious Children

In this session, you will learn the difference between raising children with a sense of consciousness and value-based learning. Raising children with your values is important, and raising children with consciousness is as well. Learn how to raise your children with both.

Understand conscious philosophy in relationship to child-rearing and experience some very clear examples on how to integrate this into your new style of parenting.

Learn how to navigate the conscious teen.

We will also explore options of child sharing with another caregiver when they are not wanting to raise the child in consciousness.

Be prepared to receive many ideas and places to explore that can easily support this style of parenting. Conscious parenting is easily inserted into the way you already parent.

Please join us for this enlightening topic. This class is not just restricted for parents. It’s for anyone who sees value in learning this information.

Cleansing, Detoxing, and Weight Loss

This workshop is specifically geared around losing weight and reducing cellulite as well as increasing energy and achieving an overall sense of better health when it comes to losing weight.

We will offer aromatherapy essential oil recipes that cover not only the topic of weight loss itself, but barriers to weight loss, such as lack of self-esteem and determination, and more drive to exercise.

This class is also or anyone who is a practitioner.

We will teach you about the multiple ways you can cleanse your body and your organs from home.

Energy Healing

We will explore what energy is in relationship to the mind, body, and soul.

You will learn the power of being able to sense energy and how to use it to heal yourself and others. There are many ways people use energy to heal oneself and we will touch on each of these and explain the benefits: Reiki, auras, chakras, hands-on-healing, intuition, clearings, and more.

Everyone can learn how to access their own intuition and to sense their own energy centers. You will be taught some easy, adaptable ways to heal yourself at home. Live demonstrations will be shown.

The Seven Chakras and Aromatherapy

This is an incredible lecture for anyone who wants to learn about the seven chakras and the beauty that they hold.

In this aromatherapy class, you will learn the essential oils that are associated with each chakra, and how to use them. When using essential oils to help facilitate the optimization of the chakras, it’s important to have basic information of which oils to blend together to use as a chakra blend in order for the chakra to facilitate its full opening.

This course is for those who are interested in learning about the chakras and how to keep them vibrating for optimum experiences in one’s life.

Healing and Meaning of Gemstones and Crystals

We will explore a variety of healing gemstones and the essential oils that vibrate at the same level.

You will learn about gemstones and have a chance to see and play with them. As well, in class, we will smell and play with essential oils that match those gemstones.  We will talk about how to pick gemstones for yourself and for your friends, as well as how to clean your stones and keep them working for you.

This class is very interactive, interesting and fun to attend.

Fundamental Aromatherapy and Blending

Come learn all about the wonderful world of aromatherapy.

You will be introduced to the history, dilutions, safety, and the use of oils in this class. You will learn to feel comfortable using and working with essential oils.

Join us today! It’s a great start to healthier living.

What is Ayurveda All About

Come learn what your Ayurveda dosha is and we will help you to discover what essential oils are best to use for your particular dosha.

Once you find out the wisdom of your dosha and the essential oils that will help balance you, this will give you many more choices in being able to create specific blends for yourself. This can aid in bringing you into balance, help grounding you, and giving you optimum physical health.

This is a fascinating class and topic; it will be hands-on class.  You will be smelling essential oils and learning how to put them together into making ideal aromatherapy Ayurvedic blends for yourself.

Learn How to Clean Naturally with Aromatherapy

This is a class for anyone wanting to learn how to naturally clean their home with essential oils.

Learning this can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the years, just by simply using essential oils. You will be amazed at how simple this class is, how easy the essential oils are to use, and you may also be surprised by the amount of unnecessary and unsafe chemicals that you have been using in your home.  Using essential oils and natural forms of cleaning will be beneficial not only to your home, but to your family (including pets) as well as for yourself.

Come learn why and how you should use essential oils to clean your home.

All of these lectures can be presented or attended in a public group format, a private group for you and your team, or as private coaching sessions with the titles as the focus.

We offer packages for Summit, Corporate, Retreat, or Event Organizations as well.

Investments will vary depending on the nature and size of the audience.

Please book a time to discuss what’s best for you.

Looking forward to connecting.


– Samaya