Welcome to my July Newsletter!
Happy month of August!
If you didn’t know it already, I LOVE Gemstones and thought of sharing a little bit of information about the precious gemstone Peridot, the birthstone of August.
Peridot is the name for the gem-quality Olivine, used to differentiate from lesser grade stones. Due to its color, Peridot is associated with beauty and eternal youth.
Peridot is one of the lesser-known gemstones, despite its illustrious history, increasing rarity and lively beauty. Although a quality Peridot is a bright shade of light green tinged with yellow, these gems are often mistaken for darker emeralds. In fact, the Romans called them the “evening emeralds” because of the way they caught and reflected lamplight.
Peridot gemstones can be used to promote wealth, vitality, optimism, and generosity of spirit. Using Peridot gemstones is a wonderful way to encourage yourself to have a more positive attitude about the world, if that is something you sometimes struggle to achieve.
This month, embrace your inner beauty and enjoy everything August will bring us! And as always, attend any of our upcoming Facebook parties and get a free Neora Swag bag full of product samples just for attending since you will be one of my VIP guests.  All our parties include free products samples, draws and give-aways in our Beauty and Wellness Club. Join our Club on Facebook today: https://www.facebook.com/groups/beautyandwellnessclub
Every Wednesday at 5:30pm PST, except for Wednesday, August 12 will be at 6pm PST
Every Fridays at 9am PST
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Looking forward to seeing you there! Have a beautiful month!
In health and happiness,
Deborah xo
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