I thought it would be lovely to introduce orange oil at this time of the year. 

Fallen maple leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Pumpkins. Like these things, Orange has the smell, feeling, and color of fall.

In the parts of the world where the sun shines throughout autumn, orange oil recreates relaxed sunshine. In the parts of the world where the weather gets chilly at this time, orange oil brings the bundle-up, cozy warmth. 


I happen to use orange oil in the world of cleaning a lot. Let it be wiping down my couch, washing my curtains, or cleaning my rugs. 

Orange oil’s fresh, happy, and homey scent can never linger for too long in your home’s cozy air. 

Besides cleaning, I always tell my students in the Blending class that Orange is an excellent mixer in essential oil blends. 

Pure essential oils with strong characters sometimes create a funky smell when mixed. Few things are better than orange oil when trying to bring together potent earthy or woody oils—Cinnamon oil, as an example, scent warm and delicious but often penetrating. When combined with sweet and fresh orange oil and diffused at home, it is divinely fall-perfect. 


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