Go to Lime if … You want Clarity to Make Decisions and Move on.

Lime oil has one of the most masculine energies in the aroma kingdom. Using lime oil brings the power of efficiency, and it works linearly, more often on physiology instead of emotionality. 

As a women entrepreneur, my business and team rely on me to make crucial decisions, often multiple in a day. 

Like you can anticipate, Lime Oil is my supportive work buddy 🙂

Lifestyle and supplements are also game-changers in keeping the mind sharp. Yet nothing cleanse-up indecision like lime oil does. 

There is not a way you can use lime oil that would upset an aromatherapist, really. My favorite is:

In the Shower!

Picture a re-focusing shower with Lime Oil:

The citrus aroma envelops. 

As I breathe in, I experience clarity. 

Any fog in my vision of life lifts away. 

Producing, creating, and getting on purpose is my personal mission. If you click with me in that, you will relate to Lime like I do. And Lime will make you happy.

If you would like to use Lime oil, making it a home spritzer or adding it to woody oils to create a grounding perfume are great ideas as well. 

As a certified teacher of Aromatherapy and Ayurveda, I have my to-go place for aroma products.

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Make it great,


In good health and happiness