Go to Geranium if … You desire to be in touch with your inner beauty, confidence, and self-truth. 

For me, Geranium brings the presence of Elizabeth Taylor. 

It’s deep, complex, and gives a sense of mystery. The more you use it, the more powerful it gets, and oh, boy! Doesn’t it get to the very core of your self-beliefs?

When I feel like picking up the phone and call up Elisabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe: ” Hi, sister. I need you! Please, boost up my inner confidence, remind me of my inner beauty and  strength.”

I would reach for a bottle of Geranium, perfume myself, or shower with it.


These thoughts often merge after I use Geranium:

I feel beautiful inside out.

I experience solidification.

I am supported to stand in my own truth, my own abilities.

I have a higher level of self-confidence and consciousness. 


Definitely do: Add Geranium to your perfume blends. 


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Make it great,

In good health and happiness