Finding the Missing Money – Interview with Tracy Repchuk

An impressive interview with Tracy Repchuk, who has been in business her whole life and is a wealth of information, wisdom, and experience. She helps people fill the gaps and find the missing money!

Tracy is a 9 Time #1 International Bestselling Author, including 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles. Although she was just 19 when she started her  software company, she has made over 27 appearances in Forbes, is a world-renowned speaker in over 37 countries including China, Dubai, Brazil, Africa, Australia, Singapore, UK, and more, and an award-winning entrepreneur, writer, and speaker since 1985.

Tracy has over 32 awards from  Senate, Assembly, the White House, and President Obama. Since 1994, she is a pioneer on the internet developing brands, websites, automation, and now social media. She is also an invited member of the Forbes Coaching Council, Amazon Influencer, and Linkedin Advisor. She’s a featured expert in over 22 National and Local TV programs as a trusted resource for technology, internet, and social media. These include ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX. She has also been featured in 3 motivational movies.

She runs her own 501c3 foundation to help underprivileged women gain life and business skills to be independent and run a business from anywhere with confidence. Tracy is a Certified Management Accountant, Certified Social and Community Manager, Certified Search Marketing Specialist, Certified Customer Optimization Specialist, Certified Community Management Specialist. She is also a global leader in strategic thinking for increased market reach, serving thousands of clients worldwide to help you reach millions with your message. She hosts ReachMillions.TV – an entrepreneurial lifestyle and learning channel.