Join me LIVE April 15th at 5pm PST where I’ll be interviewed on Big E TV #ThirstyThursday, yours truly.

Here is the amazing Intro they have published to announce the interview. #blessedandgrateful

#ThirstyThursday, yours truly is excited to be interviewing Deborah Drummond, the highly successful entrepreneur, and mom, who has educated & motivated more than 30,000 clients toward a physical state of optimal health. As an accomplished author, international speaker and health, beauty & wealth expert, Deb has been featured by major media such as CTV & CKNW and last year was nominated for both the RBC Women Entrepreneur Award and the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Wendy McDonald Diversity Award that seeks to increase the profile of outstanding women and champions of women in our community.

As a pioneer in both the health sector and in business, Deb is known for her inclusive heart, willingness to help others and an open-door philosophy that’s led to her, more than once, being referred to as a professional ‘Hippy’. I’m curious to hear what she has to say as we move beyond COVID fatigue, and our collective ‘survival’ mindset, toward one I like to call ‘thur-vival.’ Join the convo!