Fragrances are helpful in creating a healthy lifestyle, because they are well-known to influence mood and behaviour.

They can decrease stress, increase confidence, and happiness. They can also increase physical and cognitive performance.

Being an aromatherapist, massage therapist, spa director, and Ayurvedic practitioner, I have seen the positive effects firsthand. Because of this, I have a healthy respect for these profound, yet simple oils.

The oil I have chosen to share with you this week is Juniper. Juniper oil is a natural skin toner and is known to support healthy skin, and a natural glow. Shake it into the shower to feel earthy and grounded with its calming effect.

This oil can also be used in massage oil blends. You can add rose and orange oil to increase your self-love or to add some romance with your partner.

Feel free to check out my aromatherapy page, or send me a message to learn more.