RESILIENCE – What is resilience and how can you get better at it?  

Click here to watch the interview we had with Ry Duong, personal counselor specialized in resilience, to get more tools. To reach Ry, visit:

A word from Ry: “I am Ry Duong, Personal Counselor in the Greater Montreal Area and I am humbled to be of service to you via this platform. With over 10 years of experience in this practice, I’ve had the pleasure to share my knowledge and struggles to help others like you and me, who needs this support in their lives to push through life’s challenges with confidence and thrive.
I’ve worked with people from very different walks of life and fabulous Associations. Their stories and obstacles have helped me along with my research to identify key notions, daily practices, mental resilience and habits that have proven beneficial for them and frankly for me as well to overcome adversity.
As you’ll get a chance to learn through my webinars, it all starts with you, having an open-minded, to think differently and to be vulnerable enough to share your truths. I’m a woman on a mission to help as many people as I can to tap into their inner power in the face of adversity and to transform their lives into opportunities and live authentically in order to reach their full potential.
I hope you rise against adversities and take its hardest punches and bounce back stronger while acquiring strategies, technics and resilience to overcome them. May you turn your obstacles into your most powerful weapon by crafting your best selves. In my Warrior Life Training Package, you will learn the 6 fundamental principles of: who you truly are, what makes you happy and alive, how to take back your power, how to let go of limiting beliefs, correct your thinking, increase your confidence, incorporate effective habits and inner peace to obtain fast results. Become unstoppable and access your inner Goddess! I wish you the very best on your journey to success.
I am Ry Duong, Personal Counselor, and I invite you to join me on the path to a brand new you in becoming a Warrior of Life.”