One-on-One Private Training


Thank you so much for exploring the idea of working together.

When people ask me what is it that has made me stay in entrepreneurship for over 30 years and how can I possibly enjoy working with people that long, I know they don’t know the incredible experience of watching someone else achieve their greatness!

I am so excited to see you expand into what’s rightfully yours! Your dreams and list of accomplishments await you.
I have owned over 7 companies and helped more people than I can count move into business bliss.
I know what it takes.  I have been in a company of over 100k people in 10 countries and been number 1 in acquisition 5 years in a row.

I know what to look for.  I know how to trim off unnecessary lessons and save time (in many cases years).
I’ll get right in there with you. You’ll be in my inner circle and we will have a great time laughing and succeeding you all the way to the top. Together! I’m there every step of the way.

Take a listen to my video and see what questions or needs come to mind and let’s grab a call and explore what your goals are and how we will cross them off with a big accomplished YES!! … even the big stuff on your list!!

In good health and friendships

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Private Training sessions – 1 to 1 with Deborah from Deb Drummond on Vimeo.


Three (3) HOUR Session

Price: $1095

This choice is most appropriate when you have an immediate circumstance to address with Deborah’s guidance. Get to a conclusion quickly!


Avatar Deep Dive & Marketing Strategy (5) Hour Session

Price: $1850

Deborah’s #1 Top Performance Tip is Know Your Avatar. Deborah will lead you through the process.


Three (3) Month Package

Price: $4600

This choice is most appropriate when you have a GOAL or need that is specific and requires an individualized STRATEGY to accomplish. Deborah will not only help you map out what needs to be done, she will walk that path with you.


Six (6) Month Package

Price: $8500

How to be #1 in your company, even if you are the only one in your company!

In this training, we will cover all 15 elements to being a POWERHOUSE in your business. We meet for either one-hour sessions weekly or 1.5 every other week. You will have 19-24 private hours that you can utilize within a 4-6 month time frame.

Each person will require a personalized strategic plan and formula to the achievements they are wanting to accomplish. During our time together, we will do a deep dive into those goals and set a road map to obtain that success. We will determine what is needed to be done, but more importantly how to do it.

We will not leave a valuable formula unturned.

We will look at Mindset strategies and personalize what’s needed for yourself to leap to next level.

We look at optimization of Branding, Marketing, Opening and Closing of the sales process, Time effectiveness, and results.

We will look at Patterns, Financials and investigate your services and the prices set / market value / your value and create irresistible and authentic offers. There are 15 top Performance results we are going to

achieve together, and you’ll have a clear plan of opportunity, execution and results during our time together.

Each session can be in person or online, as you wish.

Travel of myself to you is possible, inquire within.


One Year with Deborah

Price $16000

One year with Deb

How exciting to spend a whole year with ME! It’s like having ME in your back pocket tweaking your every move and keeping you on track for mind-blowing sensational success.

I WOULD LOVE to hang out with you for a year making things happen with YOU!!

How lucky am I?

A year goes fast when moving your way to considerable goals. We know it’s the momentum of the changes, some unforeseen, that over time that can change your life on a what seems a dime. During this time together you’ll do everything in the 6-month package, just more of it. We will have a longer time to dive deeper, and more time to, not only hit your expectations, but to secure them, stabilize them, and make the next plan to hold there or even blow past them.

Depending on where one is starting and the level of achievement(s), the plan will be extending to all areas of your business and personal lives in relationship to your business goals.

This package includes a Top Performance Sales Tracker book and an incredible Yearly Entrepreneurship Day planner FREE as my gift. These 2 business tools will rock our results (I created both) $160USD value.

You’ll also be entitled to other perks and gifts as the year unfolds; like being on the Mission Accepted Podcast for FREE ($400USD) as well as having a quote in the following year’s planner for FREE ($1100USD)

$5000 Deposit minimum 30 days before training begins / $6000 due before or on 8 weeks after the first session.

Payment can be made through online purchase, etransfer, at, or by PayPal, at the same email address. PayPal fees to be paid by the payer.


Cancellation Policy

Once the deposit has been paid, your time spots are confirmed, and work has begun on our end.

To cancel before first session commences, you’ll be entitled to a 50 percent cancellation fee reimbursement.


Once sessions are commenced and completed there are no refunds. On future sessions not yet completed there is a 30-day grace period of no refunds and on the remaining sessions you’ll be reimbursed based on a 50 percent charge.

Additional information

Session Package

3 x 1 Hour Session Package, 5 x 1 Hour Session Package, 3 Month Session Package, 6 Month Session Package, 1 Year Session Package

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