Business Lectures

Business Lectures


One of my greatest passions is forward shifting the position of people’s businesses. All of us no matter who we are, how successful we are, how incredible our businesses are, cannot always have the answers to our own questions.

We can’t always see all the facets, changes, or shifts of what’s needed to solidify what it is we want to accomplish within the timeframe of what we desire. Like all areas of life, our career/business is multi-faceted. Let’s get YOU into alignment for the HIGHEST level of joy, reward, and success in record time. Please join us in any of our presentations/ lectures, or private sessions.

In good health and happiness,

Deborah Drummond

How to obtain the determination you’ll need to go all the way for your start-up.

Deborah has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years.

There is a distinct formula for creating the mindset, strategy, and platform to be able to go all the way and achieve your desired success from your business.  These top secrets have taken Deb and her many clients to the height of their careers.

You’ll be fully prepared to withstand your start-up expectations and you’ll have a system when you leave the lecture for an all-the-way-to-the-top experience with your business.

Duration 2 hours – Cost $335 CAD

Marketing for the holistic practitioner

In this lecture, we will cover the multitude of successful marketing techniques that will take your business revenue to the next level.

We will also address the specifics of the advantages and challenges that can arrive within marketing for the specific sector of holistic practitioners and products.

Deborah has been in the holistic natural field for over 30 years and has a proven success record that surpasses expectations.

Duration 3 hours – Cost $445 CAD

Top trade show tips

With Deborah’s 30 years of experience in the trade show industry, she has perfected this process with record-breaking sales records.

She will teach you the fundamentals of what “must be” in your trade show sales kit for beyond your wildest dream sales and lead generation you could ever want to achieve. You will make your investment back on your first show after this lecture.

Duration: 2.5 hours – Cost $595 CAD

Restart your business, restart your passion

You’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur. The enthusiasm is contagious. Things are happening and the excitement is uplifting and your creativity is buzzing. Then comes the time to put it all into action and make those dreams you want to come true.

For a multitude of reasons that passion can shift and not produce what you had wanted it to be.
Life can take over…
You can hit a place that you weren’t prepared for…
Things take longer than you expected and your energy starts to wean down…
You hit a place in your business where you don’t know the next step and things start to continue in a different direction and you don’t know where to go or what to do… Many things can take you off your game.

Good news! It can take much less creativity than you think to shift and succeed.  Deb will surprise you with exactly that in this lecture.  In no time you’ll be back in play and back in game!

Duration 2.5 hours – Cost $405 CAD

How to become No. 1 in your company

Deborah has proven her ability to take the No. 1 position repeatedly in personal sales, in acquisition of new business in her company, and in business.

She has been recognized by her company in the top three of multiple categories for over 60 consecutive months. She has been featured in Success Magazine, Distinct Woman magazine, and BC Woman magazine for her business acumen and sales ability. She has received numerous awards and earned free attendance at upper echelon events and retreats due to her success in an industry of direct sales and entrepreneurship. She has been recognized as salesperson of the year and nominated as ‘Women of the Year’ from recognized organizations for her achievements as a woman in business. She has been on TV, radio, and podcasts for her advice on strategies and success.

Deborah believes there are certain factors that must be in motion for you to have the level

These classes will give you more than you will need to have your own success story.

  1. Entry-level class for people active in business for less than 18 months. Duration: 2.5 hours – Cost $365 CAD
  2. Advanced class for people active in business for 18 months to 5 years. Duration: 2.5 hours – Cost $565 CAD
  3. “I Am IN All The Way” class for people active in business 5 years and above. Duration: 3 hours – Cost $685 CAD

Class size is limited.

Please inquire if you are interested in private sessions.


– Samaya