An inspiring interview with Dr. Fred DiDomenico where he talks to us about his book “You Are More Powerful than You Think”

In his book, Dr. Fred shares the divine inspiration that led to its writing and shares practical actions and insights about things that might otherwise seem ethereal and out of reach for many. In short, he makes spirituality and growth accessible for all. It is a step by step guide in reconnecting with the unbridled power and strength you were born with.

Dr. Fred began as a chiropractor and transitioned into a self-empowerment and business coach by trade. Through his experience in chiropractic and as demonstrated by his ability to usher in dramatic positive changes in the lives of the chiropractors he coaches, Dr. Fred has been recognized as a healing and inspirational force in the lives of thousands.

Throughout his life he has endeavored to become not just the best with spinal corrective chiropractor, but he works to be an inspirational leader using powerful communication and self-empowerment techniques and processes that others have successfully used to better themselves and their lives in every area.

Dr. Fred’s lifelong desire has always been to make a difference in people, inspiring them to live a fulfilled life according to their individual spiritual calling. He believe a person’s physical existence affects generations far beyond one person’s lifetime, like the concentric circles of waves that disperse from a rock dropped into a pond.

Dr. Fred believes the world will be enlightened because you lived your life with intention, and you were an example for others to do the same. He believes you are more powerful than you think. And he believes you are called to reach for it.

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