Avoid Money Sabotage – Interview with Gretchen Heinen

An empowering interview with Gretchen Heinen, Founder of Net Worth It Podcast, about avoiding money sabotage. Gretchen’s mission in life is to commission Christians to stop wealth shaming, eradicate generational poverty, and step into multiple-six figure living. She wants us to do more with God’s seeds and create movements that change the world. She has built a seven-figure income on the side of working as a nurse and teaches how to do so in the “Net Worth It” school.

“Net Worth It” is a faith-based mentorship program to help you create a financial legacy and boldly build income streams. “Net Worth It” combines the power of prayer, the knowledge of the bible, the equipping of the Holy Spirit, and a network of believers to create wealth that changes the world. She believes that money is a resource and a tool God gives us to show up big in our calling.