The Flip Flop CEO– Interview with Janine Finney

A candid interview with Janine Finney, author of the two Best-Seller books “The Flip Flop CEO” and “Does The Show Fit.”

Janine Finney spent the first 30 years of her career as a sales executive in Corporate America. Then, at the age of 50, she began a new career that she never expected to pursue Network Marketing. When

Janine’s daughter, Lory, shared her desire to join a Network Marketing company after graduating from college, she quickly discovered that her mom had a very different opinion about this type of business than she did. Their strongly opposing views and the battles that ensued are what inspired them to co-author a book called, “The Flip Flop CEO”, which has sold over 100,000 copies.

Then, five years later, Janine wrote a sequel to their first book, called, “Does the Shoe Fit?”. Having been a skeptic herself, Janine is passionate about bringing clarity to the 21st-century version of this “business in a box” model! She believes that many women are searching for the freedom and flexibility it provides but don’t recognize it because of the topic’s stigma.

Today, Janine has designed a lifestyle that gives her the freedom to plan her work around her life, rather than her life around her work. She winters in Scottsdale, to be near her two daughters, their husbands, and her five grandchildren… and spends summers traveling in an RV with her husband, Doug. They are both avid fly fishermen.