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A show about Lifepreneurship presented with wit, humor, and banter by Deborah Drummond and Caroline Blanchard.
Lifepreneurship is about developing an authentic, personal vision for life and then going for it. It’s about awakening to the opportunities around us and setting audacious goals. It’s about taking action and making a difference. It’s about taking time out for reflection so we can renew ourselves for the road ahead.

In The TRUE THAT Show, you will hear real talks with real people from different walks of life who all have one thing in common: their uniqueness.
Join Deborah and Caroline who have done thousands of presentations together and are appreciated for their wit, humor, emotional intelligence, life experiences, and” saying things how they really are, on their journey of discovery, growth, awareness, and personal development.

This weekly show about real subjects, real people, and real-life will leave you wanting to be the best version of yourself.

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Deborah and Caroline are available for Speaking Engagements, Interviews , MC for events and Podcasts.

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