We all have our own experience of the holidays. Some people don’t celebrate at all and some people start celebrating and cooking the day after Halloween.  It’s all individual and nothing is wrong or right.

For me I love keeping the same traditions alive and sentimental keepsakes.

There is something about Christmas that I don’t want to upgrade, download, broaden my view, fancy up my decor or tech my season.

I love that every Christmas since my daughter was born we sing for prizes from playing the Christmas games and that we pick our menu of what country we represent each year for Christmas Eve, and I love to see how the kids carry on each year teaching the new kids what we do for games, Santa gifts and the routine of the night.

We play records, yes before they became the “in thing” to do again, we never stopped.

We have three different themed decors we do and rotate each year.

Velvet Christmas, White Christmas and Traditional Christmas but all three years have these ornaments on the tree.

These are the first ornaments the year I was born, my beautiful daughter Chloae and my handsome son Ocean.

It wouldn’t be the same without them. Lucky me!!

May you have your own season exactly the way you want it and whatever that means to you.