What a pleasure to share with Jeff Van Kampen, CEO of UVK Media. It was a walk down memory lane to share about my journey as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur that surrounds herself with others that live and think the same way, it was insightful to even hear myself walk backward in my journey.

By nature we, those of us that choose this path of living, are focused and future driven.

To reflect back thru the building of the foundation of what it is I have today was insightful and left me with an even deeper understanding of patience.

I could not have foreseen the future system and opportunity that was to lie ahead for the next generation of people that wanted to steer their own ship.

Nor how much I would have to be willing to relearn and change as well.

To have started before the internet was engaged in things like FB, IG, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc and to see what is before this generation is incredible.

It was an incredible opportunity to share insight with hungry entrepreneurial millennials. I have had to be willing to be open to new ways of doing business.

It’s not been easy.  My generation was built on print, tv, business cards and handshakes.  To go from b2b business to online has been a stretch of neuropathways, it’s not been easy and just when you think you have made progress you feel you’re still behind.

I think if we can share what our experience has been to assist people that are exploring the same path then we should.  Entrepreneurship is not for everyone unless you’re willing to be brave, learn new tools, stretch your ideas, become coachable, believe in dreams and get to know yourself better.

I am a believer in only one way of doing marketing.  All b2b or all social.  I am aware I need to stay up with the social platforms of doing business or I will clearly lose in numbers. For me, I’ll never lose sight of the power of a handshake and I believe never should anyone.  Your word is your word is your word is your word.

If you can’t stick to it re-evaluate and re-calibrate.

If I can share one thing, it is not old fashioned marketing to agree on an exchange of hands. It’s as critical to success as being a social megastar.

Being an entrepreneur.

Was it the only path?


Was it worth it?

Every minute of it!