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From Deb Drummond

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We can’t always see all the facets, changes, or shifts of what’s needed to solidify what it is we want to accomplish within the timeframe of what we desire. Life is multi-faceted. Let’s get YOU into alignment for the HIGHEST level of joy, reward, and success in record time where you need it. Please join us in any of our presentations/ lectures, or private sessions.

Classes & Training

I am so excited to see you expand into what’s rightfully yours! Your dreams and list of accomplishments await you.

Opal Professional Intuitive

My goal is to give you a deeper understanding of intuitive services and how they can touch all areas of your life.


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“I was introduced to Deborah by way of a product in which we had a common interest. I was pleasantly impressed with her professionalism and resourcefulness in addressing our project. Deborah quickly determined the correct people to bring to the table from her very impressive network of professional contacts. She is a very skilled speaker with a dynamic presence. She is a little dynamo.”

– Tony Chan, Entrepreneur/Investor