Let’s talk about legs…

Want to know how to reduce the appearance of dimpling, cellulite, stretch marks and lose skin?

Lets face it…nobody wants to feel self-conscious about their body. If this is a concern for you continue reading.

You may be able to control some, but the basic causes of cellulite are things that you cannot control, including skin structure, hormones, genetics and age. About 90% of women have cellulite, while only 10% of men do.

Things that can increase the appearance of cellulite include

  • weight changes
  • poor nutrition
  • lack of muscle tone
  • poor skin health

To avoid increasing your risk of cellulite, I suggest moving around more frequently. A great way to do this is throughout your day. For example, you could take a walk on your lunch break, stop at the gym on your way home (or before work), grab a banana and some almonds instead of a donut or cookie. On top of these lifestyle choices, applying a high quality lotion to smooth out the appearance of dimples, red lines and wrinkles.

Try Neora’s Firm Body Contour Cream. It is clinically tested and BONUS it is also great at moisturizing your skin.


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