Traditional Mala Beads


These Mala bead bracelets and necklaces have been washed, blessed, and dried by the Sun.
These Mala necklaces have the traditional 108 beads.

They are powerful meditation tools, whether you are experienced or a beginner in meditation, these Mala help maintain or begin a meditation practice. Mala beads are an incredible tool to assist your journey to your higher self.

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To use these for meditation, you can simply state your word or mantra with each bead as you move your fingers along the beads, you continue to say your word or your mantra until you have completely moved through all of the beads.

You can wear the necklaces as bracelets or wear the bracelet for your wrist or as an anklet.

These are gorgeous to wear but you can also simply have them grace your home.
Some people will use them on their mantel or their headboard or they will place them in their sacred space.

You can use them to calm the energy of a room and to bring a sense of peace to your home.

They will assist to set an intention of your choice and help to create an inner sense of simplicity and calmness for the mind, body and spirit.

The tassel on a Mala represents the lotus flower, a symbol of the higher consciousness.

With Mala beads, we recommend that you purchase the Mala that you are most drawn to, the one that catches your eye, the one that makes you lean in. When purchasing a Mala for another person, simply think of that person. If you can, think of them in your heart, your third eye, or in your consciousness, and you will get a sense of which one is best for them.

It is more than okay to simply wear a Mala for its beauty and decor qualities. It is not essential for you to feel you have to use them for prayer or meditation.

Mala within itself is beautiful and calming. They have an inner and outer beauty, as do we, so however you want to use your Mala is completely up to you.

We hope that you enjoy these very much. These Mala have all been handpicked by Deborah herself. She has washed, cleaned, cleared, and set the most beautiful intentions for your Mala to bring peace, joy, and serenity.


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