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Deborah Drummond

Thank you for reading this introduction to Opal Intuitive Services. My goal is to give you a deeper understanding of intuitive services and how they can touch all areas of your life.

A growing number of people are working with intuitive advisors to help make crucial business and life decisions. Perhaps you are about to make a big move in your career, you are in the process of hiring and need to know whether someone is right for your team, or you need perspective on an important personal relationship. Whether the issue is personal in nature or related to business strategy, health, real estate, or otherwise, I welcome the opportunity to offer you intuitive solutions.

I have had the honour of participating in several unique strategic team projects as well as working with clients one on one. My goal is to save my clients time and money with less effort, by advising them on issues that are critical to the successful outcomes they seek.
This work has allowed me to travel to distant places, make lifelong clients and friends, teach, learn, and encourage clients to understand their circumstance in new ways. With only a few weeks of advice, time and again, their lives are deeply impacted. When I reflect on this, I realize how truly blessed I am.

One of the greatest joys of my profession is the relation­ships I have created with clients and the satisfaction of achieving their goals along with them.  So the next time you have a question or want to take a step in a new direction, I invite you to call me.

Real Estate

There are many different areas that i work in real estate, I do both personal and commercial.

I can advice you on both on when the the best times to buy and to sell are, I do specialize in being able to assist when a property  is not selling. Sometimes all you need is a little advice and some clearing to get the process in motion.  In terms of purchasing land for real estate projects, we can do an intuitive read on how successful that project will be, timelines, we can forcast any problems with excavation etc..

We can also look at real estate investments and see whats best for you with that as well. If you are choosing or looking at different properties for a new buisness location, we can look to see if that will be a successful choice for you. As well if your choosing a home for your personal use we can make sure its one that will make you  happy.  If you already have a location for personal or your business and you want more success to come from that location than i can do whats called a clearing, I will come in and remove any old energy, stuck energy or unsuccessful energy, i will if needed guide you to make some changes in placement of objects, pictures etc…  This is an amazing way to see big changes fast, i have stories after stories of success coming to people once the energy in there spaces was cleared and started to flow.



“I had been trying to sell my home for over 6 months when I realized that I needed some outside help. I had done many things to try to sell my home including trying different strategies from my realtor and colleagues. Once I contacted Deborah I noticed a change right away, she thoroughly listenend to my concerns, needs and wants from both my husband and myself.

She was compassionate and intelligent in her approach to our final goals of selling our home and in the time frame we needed to sell in. She was thourough with us on the property and gave us insight that we never could have known or found on our own. Deborah came to see us on a thursday and spent about 6 hours on intuitively preparing our home and us for the sale, by sunday of the same week we had an offer and closed the sale of our home. Did I tell you that we had tried to sell it for 6 months!! We were pleased and impressed with the professionalism of our experience with Deb and are sure you will be as well.”

– Kathy T , Vancouver B.C.


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