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Deborah Drummond

Thank you for reading this introduction to Opal Intuitive Services. My goal is to give you a deeper understanding of intuitive services and how they can touch all areas of your life.

A growing number of people are working with intuitive advisors to help make crucial business and life decisions. Perhaps you are about to make a big move in your career, you are in the process of hiring and need to know whether someone is right for your team, or you need perspective on an important personal relationship. Whether the issue is personal in nature or related to business strategy, health, real estate, or otherwise, I welcome the opportunity to offer you intuitive solutions.

I have had the honour of participating in several unique strategic team projects as well as working with clients one on one. My goal is to save my clients time and money with less effort, by advising them on issues that are critical to the successful outcomes they seek.
This work has allowed me to travel to distant places, make lifelong clients and friends, teach, learn, and encourage clients to understand their circumstance in new ways. With only a few weeks of advice, time and again, their lives are deeply impacted. When I reflect on this, I realize how truly blessed I am.

One of the greatest joys of my profession is the relation­ships I have created with clients and the satisfaction of achieving their goals along with them.  So the next time you have a question or want to take a step in a new direction, I invite you to call me.

Corporate Advisement

This area of intuitive advice can be quite varied and broad-ranged.

I have given advice on so many different projects that it’s hard to list the details of all of them. This area of intuitive service mostly applies to clients who want help with major corporate decisions. To give you a better idea of the scope of projects I’ve worked on I have listed some examples:

  • Raising capital: where to go and how much can be sought after,  plus setting up timelines and payouts.
  • Bidding situation: where we can create a strategy that will work for you.
  • Competitive advantage: tapping into your competitors so you have the advantage.
  • Bank/investors: Distinguishing which banks / investors would  be willing to work with you on your project and what can be done to raise the bar so that you get what you are looking for.  Plus, exploring timelines and success strategies.
  • Personnel: Deciphering which key personnel to hire and which ones to let go of while learning who would be best for your existing projects, as well as for the projects coming down the pipe.




“Being an entreprenuer has had its thrills and well to be honest its lows. I couldn’t imagine being anything but an entreprenuer, it runs thru my veins with such passion. In being an entreprenuer I have had to wear many hats, a boss, a human resources advisror a book keeper, a mareketing director etc… for any of you self-employed persons out there you know exactly what I mean. When I found Deborah and her amazing services I had been self employed for about 8 years. I had strictly worked in one sector. I had decided I was going to take on a project that I had never done before and was baffled as to how to get it off the ground. I was at ground zero and my previous eight years had shown me what can happen , how costly it can be to make the wrong decisions both in time and in money. I had no desire to make those business mistakes again. My desire was to have this business be a ‘hit’ right from the start and why not start it easily and successful from the get go. I had used Deborah before for personal insight and new she was exactly the first person I needed to call. I had taken her advice before to such success. I knew she would have the right answers for me and I was right.

WOW! In two hours we had the name of the project, the sales strategy, she intuitively told me exactly how I was to market this product/service for me to be well rewarded, I never, I mean never ever could have in my wildest dreams come up with the way she told me to take myself to market, it was amazing and blew me away. I can count the dollars in my bank account that she saved me in that one area of my business alone. This second business has been a breeze compared to the first, I cant recommend Deborah’s services enough, she is an integral part of the team that continues to see me succeed over and over again. I could not and would not start a third business without her.  If you are just starting a business or been in biz for a long time and want to make your business more successful with less effort and less money I recommend adding deb to your team of advisers, you’ll be thrilled that you did.”

 Christian S., Los Angeles

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