Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

I love introducing and connecting people to the right project or revenue stream that’s going to elevate their life. For that reason I wanted to make sure I had a page on my site that listed offers for you to explore. If the opportunity is on this page, then I am personally and happily involved into the project or business.

Neora International

I get a large number of information requests about the business opportunity attached to my most referred products.  This is my side gig, love gig and could be yours as well. It started out exactly like that as a small side revenue stream and has duplicated into so much more. It’s turned into a multiple local and international successful business that I run from my phone. A company that gets passed down to those I love. It’s been one of the biggest, happiest surprises I have yet to experience.

So if you’re LOOKING or open to EXPLORING a side line revenue stream, then let’s talk!

What we do and do well is protective and corrective Anti-Aging for the skin, the body, and the brain, backed by science from Signum Biosciences / Dr Jeffrey and Maxwell Stock / Princeton University.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a fabulous small time, part time, full time, revenue replacement or anything in between business opportunity with a company that is rolling out globally with front line incredible success and is absolutely booming, please reach out for a personal call or join one of my Business and Product information Presentations via Zoom.

If you’re not familiar with zoom, it is very much like Skype. Simply download the free zoom app and the meeting codes we provide will be the code you put into the section where it is asking you to join a meeting.

For any clarification please connect with us thru email at or call 1-604-655-4698

The next upcoming dates are:

January 08, 11am PST

January 09, 6:30pm PST

January 15, 11am PST

January 16, 4pm PST

January 21, 9:30am PST

January 22, 11am PST

January 28, 3:30pm PST

January 29, 11am PST

You can join me on Zoom calls by clicking on this link:

There has never been a better time to come hear what this is all about.

We have broken every sales and result record in history with our products. Our business sales have taken us to the esteemed reputation of the third fastest growing company in the world 🌎
No matter how much time you do or don’t have,  no matter what your circumstances are right now, no matter if your life’s portfolio is small, expansive or growing or needing to grow, we got this!

Powerful natural products that are real and finally 100 percent work has broken wide open a market that needed an explosion of authentic products with the attachment of a heavy lifting income return package.

Don’t miss the chance to have a chat with me! It won’t cost you anything and the return of your time will be very well appreciated by your future self and family!