The belief that to be a leader, whether male or female, you must be born with innate traits is not
true. If you are passionate and see a need for Change, you can be the Agent to make it happen.
We all have leadership qualities and can also learn to be more effective. Women often are
empathetic, collaborative, strong communicators, wear different hats, and consider different
points of view. They are adaptable, resilient and tend to be more humble, authentic, and not as
ego driven. These qualities all support the role of servant leader – someone who prioritizes the
needs and well-being of those they are leading. Scientific research has also shown that women
use both hemispheres of their brain when problem solving as compared to the single
hemispheric activity evident with focused, linear, rational, problem-solving men. Take the time
for self-reflection. Ask yourself what you are passionate about, or good at, and then speak to
your truth and have your voice heard.