For Oleathia Robinson, it all started in church. Using her God-given vocal gift and adding INSPIRATION from seeing Diana Ross perform on TV and a “Momager” who worked with Usher & Bobby Brown, the superstar BUTTA B-ROCKA was born. At the young age of 13, Butta was a professional singer, immersed in a vibrant music scene, and groomed to succeed in the industry. Her biggest supporter, her Mom, told her “if you can see it, you can do it”, powerful words which would sustain Butta through the challenges that lay ahead and catapult her into the success she now embodies. Her good friend, Les Brown, once told her that setbacks are really SET UPS for something greater. Her journey will amaze, exhilarate, and motivate you to always stay open to possibilities, go ALL IN, recognize that visions are blueprints … and what you can see, you can do.