16 Dec

Health and Wellness Wednesday

It’s cold outside!❄️

You shield yourself from the elements by dressing warmly, but what about your face? Love your skin this winter by protecting it from cold winds and harsh weather. Nourishing botanical ingredients will keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

📸 Age IQ Day Cream is a great addition to your winter care routine.

Find it HERE 

16 Dec

Step Up to the Mic in Support of Music

Women are significantly under represented in executive positions in the Music Industry. She Is The Music is one of our fundraising recipients an we couldn’t be happier. She is the music is a 501c3 nonprofit with the mission to increase the number of women working in music – songwriters, engineers, producers, artists, and industry professionals.

So step up to the Mic!

20 Sep


Your only competition is the person you were yesterday.

In society today we tend to compare ourselves to other people all the time. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter make it easy to compare ourselves. Everyone’s path in life is different, and that’s okay. Remember to focus on making yourself better each day without all the outside noise and comparisons.

11 Aug


Let’s talk about protein….

Do you know what is enough protein for you?

How much do you need to eat with the goals you want to achieve?

Most of us know we should include protein in our diet, but we don’t fully understand how much protein we actually need for our body type, activity level and health and fitness goals.

Take a listen to this video to learn more about protein intake.

Click to watch video 

07 Aug


Who is a fan of country music?

Sam Hunt said he was inspired by the country stars of the 70’s and 80’s who came before him, like the late Merle Haggard.

“Some of our biggest artists become big because of the stories they told through songwriting”

Listen to one of his songs below…

Click here 

06 Aug


Shout out to the 22 Authors for making our book a HUGE incredible success!

We are still in party mode.

Don’t be afraid to show how proud you are of an accomplishment. Whether it’s a big or small, give yourself a pat on the back and soak it all in!

Click to purchase

05 Aug


Rose Geranium essential oil…

It has been used for centuries to help treat or reduce symptoms of the following:

  • anxiety, stress, depression and pain
  • increase libido
  • protect against harmful bacteria and fungi – apply to your skin and blend with a carrier oil first

Here is a gorgeous blend I like to use…


Rose Geranium



Have a HAPPY Friday!

03 Aug


Wellness drop…

How many hours of sleep do you typically get?

Did you know the average person only gets about 5-6 hours per night?

I believe it is because of a lack of routine at bedtime. If you do the same thing every night, your body will know what to do . It will send signals that it is ready for the next step.

What is your sleep schedule/routine look like?

Tips to sleep better tonight…

  • Make sure your room is dark, quiet, and a comfortable temperature
  • Remove any devices. Yes the Tv too.
  • Avoid large meals, alcohol and caffeine before bed


If you need more than a few tips to help you with getting a better nights sleep, send me a message.

I have an amazing solution….they are called Sleep Chews. These help to balance your circadian rhythm by supporting cortisol levels.

Now is the time….I am offering FREE shipping!

1604-655-4698 (Send me a text).

01 Aug


Nothing is impossible.

Knock off the I and the M and BAM! It’s now POSSIBLE. Will you make an excuse or make it happen?

It really is as simple as that.


24 Jul


WHOOP WHOOP…Look who’s in the House TODAY…

Melissa McClelland, the DIGITAL MARKETING GODDESS has agreed to join us monthly. Calling all entrepreneurs, ultrapreneurs, creatives and media. You will want to know and understand digital marketing from the ground up. She specifically has started entry level to advanced, so you can understand and capitalize by saving time and money on this incredibly important aspect of business. You need to be tuned into your marketing so you can start to revenue-generate faster, easier and with a nice cold drink in one hand. First up – Webinars.


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