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This is your TIME and you know it !You are either already rocking the stage or you know deep inside you need to .You landed in the RIGHT PLACE today.You’re clearly on point. We are more than versed in all things speaking and media . Welcome to next level !We understand your needs as a Speaker & have created a multi intentional platform that serves you in why you want to be on the stage with us .If it’s to share your message to change the world , personally brand yourself or announce a product, sales or leads we understand.You are important to us & your needs are important to us and we will create the Speaker experience you wish you had every time you spoke.Please watch the video below and learn more and if you have a BIG YES or a hear a small MAYBE book a time below for us to get to know each other and see if the Show Up, Stand Up and Speak Up Yes You ! Speaking Opportunity is for you .Your friends in MediaDeb & Kathleen

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Full circle media exposure including Television mentions

Media badges

Global Recognition & Long term exposure, once your a speaker with us you always have DESIGNATED access

Be a part of making International Womens Day history

Private consult with both Deb and Kathleen on how to maximize exposure & increase your calls/ sales from the event

Access to the sustainable soulprenuer sisterhood biz events

Media badges

Millionaire girl guides club once a month event with all speakers

Exceptional Private groups to market your business/ project

Private groups where we introduce you to incredible women

PRICELESS A private rolodex access meeting with Kathleen and Deb where we find out what your business needs and we open our connections and handshake you to the right people that you need to be connected to .(Early deciders package only )

Speaking alongside celebrities and women of consideration

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No Other Speaking Opportunity Has A Book & Wine Club!